Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Making a House a Home and a Room a Craft Room

New house doesn't mean new home. It takes time to transform a House into a Home but with some work, care and love it is getting done. The downstairs has already been tidy and now it is time to do what it takes to make a cosy office/craft room. This place it will be where I will spend most of the day working and creating, it must be practical, but it must be mine!

Tomorrow I am going to buy two top tables and its legs. I need one desk to prepar things and another to sew and maybe to have my PC. I have already got a built in closet where I can organize all my fabrics, craft books, etc and some drawers to put those small things like tools, documents and so on.
With this all tidy and some small details to inspire I will have a tiny but good place to work.

I am anxious to start working again.

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