Monday, 30 January 2012


I'm obsessed with decoration. I'm always searching for pretty objects, awesome new designs, nice decors. I'm often redecorating my home, looking for a new vase, bowl, fabric for a new cushion... if I could I would repaint at least one room each season.
From now on I'll be sharing my obsession here, with you ;) 
So... I've been looking for ideas to decorate a empty wall in my living room and I've found these pieces of inspiration:


Magpies Laundry said...

lovely images! I do like a picture wall ... I recently did one in the children's playroom - gathering together all the various family pictures scattered around the house onto a single wall. It looks great - I'm so pleased I did it. Good luck with your adventure :-)

Cris said...

Hi Mag, thanks for your comment :). Sounds great what you did with your wall! I'm already doing one at my dinning room but it will take long until it will be finished. It's with photos from cities around the world. I would prefer with places that I've been but then it would take ages to get the wall ready. So I will just add cities that I would like to go. Although it will take a bit because I've got to decide which one I will add as I want to go to a bunch of places :D At my living room I guess I will mix different kinds of pictures. It will be easier to get it done.