Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Most of the times new year comes with lots of hopes and resolutions, this isn't different.
- Feeding my body better
- Getting pregnant again
- Giving more quality time to family and friends
- Crafting more and computing less
- Success to my business
- More laughing x less crying

These  are some of my hopes and resolutions for 2013. But this is just my little world. What's happening in the Koalita's world?

Koalita Craft is no longer alone. Koalita Gifts is alive and kicking since yesterday. If you have a facebook account you can join the opening event that's running until 18th here, with lots of offers.
If you do not have a facebook account you can still get 10% OFF on your purchases until the end of the event just use coupon code: WELCOME2013 at the checkout.



onetenzeroseven said...

Lovely resolutions! I wish you luck with them :)

And such exciting news about Koalita Gifts! Heading over now to check the new shop out!!

Sophie |

Cris Loureiro said...

Hi Sophie! So good to have you here in 2013. Happy new year! Just had a look over your blog. Your goals sound great good luck with them. :)