Wednesday, 5 February 2014


I often fall in love with expensive furniture. Let's say, I have an expensive taste most of the times. However, my home doesn't have more than IKEA cheapest pieces. And to be honest, I guess it's better this way. You see... I like to change things every time I get bored. It would be craziness to throw away a £1000 piece of top design now and then. So I keep inventing and re-inventing my style with IKEA and a few details that can be a bit over budget.
Because of that I'm always on the Ebay or looking across the IKEA catalog or even searching on Pinterest for what to do with unwanted IKEAs to get them more interesting or so.
That was how I came across with these awesome IKEA hacks that I'm sharing with you today.

For the living room:

For the dinning room/kitchen:

For kids:

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