Friday, 14 February 2014


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY everyone! The day has arrived! Happy 5th anniversary to my gorgeous soul mate! It has been a beautiful adventure being with you.
Today's post is about how to make memories last forever. The best way to keep your memories close to your heart is making them unforgettable. Photographs are perfect to perpetuate the most special moment. Here, at KC's blog, I'm giving a few ideas to get THAT moment printed forever. This is going to be fun! Wonderful day beautiful people!


What you need: A beautiful umbrella and lots of heart garlands.
What you need: A gorgeous baby, lipstick and a bit of Photoshop.
[ source: Pinterest ]

What you need: ribbons, cardboard hearts and a big jar of conversation sweet hearts.

What you need: Red heart shaped ballons, heart shaped red glasses and red cardboard hearts.
 [source: Pretty little baby ]


What you need: Paris, 2 red "Xs" and 2 red "Os" (that you can find in a craft shop)

What you need: Lots of paper lace hearts.
[ source: Ruffled ]

What you need: Pillows!

[ source: Jack and Ruby Photography ]


What you need: A sexy underwear, beautiful makeup, red rose petals and your sensuality.
[ source: Elizabeth Lois Photography ]

What you need: Paper heart confetti
[ source: Craftionary ]

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