Thursday, 17 April 2014


First things first, BIG THANKS for all your support, it has been really important to me and to Koalita. Thank you so much!
Now, the latest: Koalita Craft and Koalita Party are under restructuring. Today I have good news and bad news. The bad news, or less good, is that I'm not blogging anymore, at least here, for now and with this format. But Koalita Party Etsy shop as well as the facebook page will receive extra attention.
A newsletter is being created. Probably many of you have already received a copy which resulted as a test that needed some refining. This newsletter will be released monthly via email and promoted also on facebook and twitter. Material to be included: news about new products, discounts, sales, the latest about events organization (hints and tips ) and lots of inspiration. The first publication will come out in late May .
I'm working on many more updates on Koalita's world. I will disclose on Koalita facebook page , twitter and of course on the new newsletter out shortly.
So to keep in touch, please DO keep in touch with us we like to have you around, follow Koalita tweets , Like the facebook page and subscribe the newsletter . I'm also on Pinterest and Instagram feel free to join.

I'm going on holidays now but I will be back on track after the 6th May. Stay tunned! 

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