Tuesday, 9 July 2013

GUEST POST: Summer is finally here!....

It's 42º today. I'm in Lisbon visiting family and I can't think. My body is too busy sweating. The "be careful what you wish for" thing feels very true right now: I longed for hot sunny days all winter but now I am longing for London's cool nights again! 

I am unable to write much this time. Apart from sweating my body's other favourite activities are nodding and bathing in cold water, just any cold water. None of these are very productive but try and run your business with 42º days and 32º nights... it's like living inside soup!

In order to save my energies for refrigerating related activities, I leave you a selection of summer related works by some of my favourite Etsy illustrators: Bold graphics, outdoor life, bright colours, happy themes, flowers and birds. And not a single drop of sweat, bliss!

Enjoy and have a Happy Summer !  


Maruta said...

It is an honor to be between illustrators that i admire so much, and to be in you post in This awesome blog. Pedro Thanks so much and enjoy your vacations in you wonderful Lisbon.

schall eszter said...

awesome list! thanks for the feature!