Thursday, 11 July 2013

ALL ABOUT... Let's travel the world!

My love for travelling and adventure... I miss long journeys, forgetting the time and getting "lost". I know, it's difficult to get lost nowadays but not knowing where we are even if only for a moment give us the awesome sense of real freedom.

1 - "Hello adventure" print by Girl from blue skies
2 - Battered Fiat car miniature by Sophia Andreas
3 - Travelling brooch by Dianthusa
4 - Let's travel the world globe necklace by Anne Emma
5 - Travel bag in leather by Carey Liang
6 - Paper airplane earrings in wood by Press Send


Dianthusa said...


Thank you so much for featuring my brooch in such a cute blog!

Best from Paris!

kate said...

thanks for featuring my Hello Adventure print ! great blog