Wednesday, 26 February 2014


And the day has arrived! Koalita Party's 3rd anniversary.
In 2011 I launched the first online shop of Koalita Craft. Koalita Craft on Etsy started as a brand for children.  At the beginning of 2013 Koalita Craft became  Koalita Party that is now more than a brand for children. It's a business without age range. New brand, new design, new goals but the same genuine mission: Making life more colourful and happier people.
These last 3 years were full of joy with the birth of my two daughters. Laura in October 2011 and Clara in October 2013. There wasn't much time for business but always replied in the best way possible to custom orders, holiday seasons and reasonable needs.

2014 is definitely the year to start a new cycle. And Koalita Craft blog and Koalita Party shop are on the top of the list. There's a lot to celebrate for what was accomplished but there's much more ahead. New products, brand new party packs and a long way to enter the wedding and events industry for good.
Do I have fears? Doubts? Yes! But I know that I'm not alone, my family, friends, customers, YOU, support and believe in me. I believe in ME and in my DREAMS. And it feels so right when someone contacts KP sharing their dreams and hopes so I can turn them alive. It feels so right when people thanks for promoting their work and effort.
YES! Hopefully I will be here in one year time celebrating again with all of you and more...

Big thanks to all of you!

Note: There's an awesome anniversary giveaway running here on the blog. Please don't hesitate in entering.

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