Friday, 28 February 2014

WORK-SPACE inspiration

I started Koalita Craft, few days after I knew I was expecting and few weeks later I moved from a Studio in London to a 2 bedroom plus 1 house in Kent.
When I moved, after the unpacking thing that I hate, I started planning my beautiful working-space. It had room enough to let go of having just a small corner in the living or dining area, as it was in my previous Studio-home, to plan something bigger! The "plus 1" obviously! 
I felt like I was starting in big style... small (new) business ---> "big" and organized office.
Well... 2 years later, pregnant of my second daughter, I had to make a few arrangements in my office to fit a cot... 
Almost three years later and I'm making arrangements again. Sharing my space with a nursery is not an option anymore. You see... there's no nursery or even an office in that "plus 1" anymore. Now, my darling "plus 1" is an all-the-time-untidy playing room with a desk near the window shouting "take me out of here!"
And my "room enough to let go of having just a small corner in the living or dining area" turned in a "let's try to find a less messy place to put your desk somewhere in the house".
Found out that, thanks to my small and forever-provisional wardrobe, there's still 1.20 meters available in my bedroom to put my desk. Definitely not the perfect solution but the only one  at the moment. I just don't want to move again, not keen on packing and unpacking again.
Things are as they are so we have to make the best of them.
Time for looking desperately for inspiration and Pinterest is the perfect and easiest tool for that. Let me show you what I found:
[ source: Pinterest ]

Two different spaces based on the same monochromatic choice that I really love.  {Left image} The green given by the fresh botanical element makes the room alive. {Right image} The deer head made with washi tape is genial.
Really like the splash of orange although it won't fit with the rest of the bedroom decor... a pity. I would be very happy with any of these desks as well.
{1st and 2nd images}Awesome wall organizers. With such a tiny space available a wall organizer like these should be a must have. {3rd image} Nice display for a inspiration board.
I chose these spaces mostly because of the feeling of "old school" that they have: Love the huge "A", the big scissors and the binder clips as picture display.
Small, white, wood and black details... as it actually would hopefully be.
And this just because it feels warm and lived!

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