Thursday, 13 June 2013

ALL ABOUT... A day at the beach!

The Summer is almost there and everybody is already planning those relaxing days at the beach. I guess I won't be able to go often to the beach this year but I still can dream with it. Don't you think?

1 - Modern Beach Photography by Kimberly Blok
2 - Felted OOAK Dress by Yanina
3 - Felted summer handbag by Simona
4 - Waves personalized notebooks by Cindy Slater
5 - Hello weekend Pencils by Amanda Catherine
6 - Blue Whale Post Earrings by Piper Pixie
7 - Bridal beaded anklet by Maria


Yanina said...

Simply beautiful!!!

Cris Loureiro said...

Thank you Yanina! Your dress is absolutely gorgeous :)

Maria said...

Really beautiful summer beach Day collection!