Tuesday, 10 September 2013

GUEST POST: Reclaim, Recycle, Reuse

This month I bring you a selection of different products that, in one way or another, fall into the Reclaim, Recycle, Reuse category.
They may actually be made of reclaimed materials or simply aged to make them look like they do.

Current design trends make these items particularly appealing for today's design savvy customers. Not only do these products appeal to the sustainable/organic/environment conscious market but they also fit the growing interest for industrial themes in fashion and interior design trends.

Many new caf├ęs, high street shops and even homes are adopting this Organic/Industrial look, sticking to a minimalistic palette of white, black, grays and browns.
Reclaimed wood, reused objects and mismatch vintage furniture all add a certain industrial Victorian charm that contrasts with sleek, brand new materials. Their imperfections and patine provide a certain human, old style character that no new material could provide.

The use of reclaimed, recycled and reused materials often achieves a somewhat surprisingly refreshing compromise between warm and minimalistic, cosy and functional, natural and hygienic, as well as modern and traditional.

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